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    Is there any reference hardware design for "CY8C5467LTI-LP003" this chip?


      i am designing the project hardware using this "CY8C5467LTI-LP003" chip, i have gone through the datasheet but it does not contain the reference hardware design for the "68QFN" package, can any one provide me some documentation which includes the hardware reference design of the above mentioned chip?


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          Are you using one of Cypress' eval/kit boards as a starting point?


          If not,  I recommend buying one of them and prototyping your design first.  This may appear to be a unnecessary step but the eval boards can be purchased cheaply to get you up and running and quickly to prove the design concept.  This may eliminate the step of laying out a PCB with your desired circuits and find out there is a lot of "cuts and adds" to  make it work.


          There are also multiple working examples on the Cypress site and this forum to get you started using different components to be used as templates for your application.


          The CY8CKIT-059 is $10 from Cypress. It has 44 in-line pins to allow you to drop a prototype board on it.

          The CY8CKIT-050 is about $100 from Cypress.  It has a few more port pins to access for prototype connection.

          My personal favorite is the CY8CKIT-059.


          The trick is to develop the prototype using an eval board with the CPU populated on-board.  Get it working.  Once you're happy, copy and paste the project you created with the eval board.  There will now be two projects in the Workspace.  You can then change the assigned PSoC device to the CY8C5467LTI-LP003 using the "Device Selector...".


          Rebuild the project.  If the Application Builder (the first phase) completes, then you have enough internal resources in the PSoC.  You may have to reassign pins.  It appears the CY8CKIT-059 has the same pot pin assignments so this shouldn't be a problem.


          Welcome to the Cypress PSoC family!



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