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    wl mfgtest tool: update arm 32/64 bit binaries


      Dear Community,


      I have several questions.  First, thank you for maintaining a helpful and knowledgeable community. 


      • Is this most up to date manual of the wl mfgtest utlility: WL Tool for Embedded 802.11 Systems: CYW43xx Technical Information ?
        • Is there a batch/script file in the WICED SDK that outlines wl commands for evaluating spurious frequency
        • My overall feedback is the wl tool needs more common scripts to assist customers with FCC 15C and CE-RED -- why do we need to reinvent the wheel?
          • There are some example scripts/commands in WICED SDK (path: ./43xxx_Wi-Fi/libraries/test/wl_tool/scripts)
      • I would like WICED community to share recent ARM 32/64 builds of the `wl` utility
        • I am using kernel v4.19 and v5.3.y, prefer newer kernel
        • I am evaluating two chipsets:
          • BCM43430/CYW43430/CYW4343W
          • BCM43438/CYW43438
          • For those reading, you can find the mfgtest firmware for these chipsets in the WICED SDK (path: ./43xxx_Wi-Fi/resources/firmware/)
        • Need util compiled for both architectures
        • Can you attach to this thread, or shared on cypress github (Cypress Semiconductor Corporation · GitHub )
        • These binaries need to be treated as a release -- perhaps you should bundle it with FMAC firmware releases?
      • Where is the official repository for up to date ARM binaries of the wl utility?


      CC: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for Linux