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    Can't able to scan and connect ch no 13 in 2.4Ghz wifi module


      Hi All,


      We are working on NXP's imx8mq processor-based custom design. We have interfaced with the Murata's LBEE5HY1MW-230 module through the SDIO interface.

      We used the 4.14 Linux distro for our development. This module's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is working fine.


      For the RF CE certification, we need to communicate with channel no 13.


      For that, We configuring one router with channel no 13 with AP mode. Now we are trying to scan this SSID on our Murata's LBEE5HY1MW-230 module.


      we are not able to connect the 13th channel of 2.4GHz band. It seems the country code issue with our firmware.

      Can you please let us know where the changes are required to make connectivity with the 13th channel?

      Please note there is no issue with connectivity up to the 11th channel.


      Let me know if you need further information.