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    PSOC 6 missing components vs PSOC 5LP


      I've been using PSOC 5LP for a years in many projects so was excited to finally use PSOC 6.  Shared memory between two CPUS and floating point from M4 seem like could be very useful!


      However I was extremely disappointed by some changes.  Namely I have no idea why the low cost dev kit WIFI BT using Modbus instead of Psoc creator - if I wanted to use eclipse then I'd prob just stick with a lower cost STM.


      Anyway, the experience wasn't great but I could create a PSOC 6 project in creator for PSOC 62.  But when I checked out the Components, most of the PSOC5LP components are missing.  For example we use the 32bit UDB shift register all the time.  Is there a reason this is missing?


      USBFS is way less intuitive than PSOC 5LP and the easy USB CDC Serial is missing.  Are these coming back?


      Finally the Bootable component is also missing - I assume bootloaders are available but why are they missing from the Component Catalog?


      PSOC 6 has been out a year - when will it reach parity to replace PSOC 5LP?