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    Modus Toolbox 2.0 - DFU 4.0 QSG "Example" Error


      Hi All,


      I wanted to let anyone trying to make a new DFU project know that there seems to be an error in the quick start guide (QSG) included with the DFU library.

      Cypress Device Firmware Update (DFU) Middleware Library 4.0: Cypress Device Firmware Update (DFU) Middleware Library 4.0


      Step 3.2 Specifies for a post build signing command to be added to the App0 project. I found that if I included this command then the the chip programming would fail saying it tried to write a part of memory it didn't have access to. After removing that step I was able to successfully setup the example.


      Perhaps a CY_SECTION(".cy_app_signature") is needed but I did not go back and try to add this.