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    Send notification and writeHandle

      Hi everybody,


      I'm developing an application on the BCM20736S-module, that allows to transfer data from and to the characteristics via the PUART. I'm using SDK version 2.2.0.


      If a client writes into a characteristic, this value is transferred over the serial interface flawlessly, and also in the other direction it seems to work.

      The data is transferred correctly over PUART into the BLE module, I tested this by tracing. At last it is sent via bleprofile_sendNotification. But using a mobile phone as a client the characteristic didn't change.


      I read that one should look at the sample code location_and_navigation or hello_sensor, but I'm still confused. To clearify:

      I'm trying to write into a custom characteristic created with CHARACTERISTIC_UUID128_WRITABLE, do I have to use a DESCRIPTOR, too?

      Or do I have to check with blecm_getAvailableTxBuffers() before calling bleprofile_sendNotification?

      Is it mandatory to use the bleprofile_WriteHandle before or after the notification to really change the value contained in the database?


      My database was created using the WICED generator.

      Thanks for your help!


      Best regards

      Hannes Baumgart