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    dbg.M0015 noise matters aka PSoC in a bookshelf




      Just for your information.

      Today I was writing an article about PSoC and Debugging.


      Thanks for the building cleaning,

      I had to work at my home instead of my office.

      So I borrowed my son's desk to work.


      Then I found that the PSoC 4 4100S board I'm testing can not be debugged correctly.

      Every few steps "dbg.M0015" was thrown and the debugger was disconnected from the board.


      All the hardware, the board, KitProg, and PC were working fine in my office until late last night.

      I googled "dbg.M0015" and found many topics about it, and I tried to apply some of them but in vain.


      Suddenly I noticed that I was placing the board and KitProg just under my son's Iiyama monitor!



      So using USB A-A(female) extension cable, I moved my board and kit to the bookshelf

      which is separated from the working desk and no electricity seems scrawling around.




      Now the board and KitProg work without problem.

      Quite stupid event, but we may need to be aware that something like this happens..