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    Is there an IBIS model for 1.8V I/O for S70GL02GT?


      I'm looking for an IBIS model for the S70GL02GT12FHBV13 that supports 1.8V I/O operation. I found two models at this link http://https://www.cypress.com/search/all/S70GL02gt?sort_by=changed&f%5B0%5D=meta_type%3Asoftware_tools ,but they only support 3V (3.3V?) I/O. I used that model for simulating the address and control inputs (driven by a 1.8V driver), though I'm not sure the results are correct. However it does not help trying to simulate the S70GL02 driving the data bus. Is there another similar model that supports 1.8V operation that might be close?