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    Virtual COM port question



      Sorry if this is a stupid question. I need a virtual COM port between MCU UART and Bluetooth. Some competitors' products have a mode in which you can use the Bluetooth module as a peripheral device connected to an MCU.

      The "CYBT-483039-02 EZ-BT™ XR WICED MODULE" has great specs and would be a strong alternative, but it is not clear if what I want can be done or how much work it would require.

      I have looked at the below links:



      Also, the user forum doesn't work properly with Firefox.


      Thanks in advance


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          Hi Niclas,

          Don’t know
          exactly of what you want to do. If your application involves communication between
          a PC’s virtual com port and a MCU com port then consider using a Bluetooth transceiver
          module with SSP (serial port protocol) such as an HC-5. These modules are easy
          to use and can be configured (using AT commands) as master or slave with settable
          baud rates. Two are required to carry out communication between an MCU and PC -
          one master and one slave. See





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            Hi James,


            Thank you very much. You have understood what I want to achieve and also gave me the information I need to rephrase my question:


            I need Serial Port Profile (SPP) support in Bluetooth Classic (which if I understand correctly is part of the Bluetooth specification which means that Bluetooth modules from different vendors can form an SPP "link".)


            However, with Bluetooth v5.0 came a specification for "LE Long Range", so I also want what seems to be referred to as "SPP over BLE", which unfortunately is proprietary due to SPPoverBLE not being part of the Bluetooth specification, which in practical terms means that the Bluetooth modules that form an SPPoverBLE link must come from the same vendor. At least Texas Instruments and Silabs have documents describing their solutions.


            From a hardware perspective, the Cypress "CYBT-483039-02 EZ-BT XR WICED MODULE" is one of the best platforms, with support for Bluetooth v5.0 dual mode and mesh. (But not LE Long Range?)


            Do I understand correct that I could use this module but would have to create my own firmware using Wiced Studio with its SDK?


            Provided that this assumption is correct, does anybody know if Wiced Studio + SDK has sample code/solutions matching my needs?


            Best regards



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              Hi Niclas,


              We have code examples ready to work with CYBT-483039 module in WICED SDK. I would suggest you to go through /20719-B1_Bluetooth/apps/snip/bt/spp demo example in WICEd SDK 6.2.1. It will be a good start for you.



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                Thank you Sheetal,


                I will have a look.


                Best regards