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    Driver for spi 1Gb S70FL01GSAGMFI013 nor flash



      We would like to use S70FL01GSAGMFI013 spi flash memory and interface it with a mcu. However we are really new with flash memories and we would like to ask if there is any driver (C code with functions how to read and write this flash memory) for spi S70FL01GSAGMFI013 flash.

      We have by the way noticed that on the website there is a zip folder provided called "Low Level Driver for SPI Flash" , but since we are really new with flash memories we don't really know if this driver could be used for the S70FL01GSAGMFI013 flash and which functions to use. Any help would be appriciated.

      Thank you.



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          Hi Mike,


          Thank you for contacting Cypress Semiconductor.

          Please go through the following forum post. Link : Low-level drivers for S70FS01GS cannot be downloaded

          It has the sLLD for 1Gb parts attached in the response. It also has the source files for a sample project that was created to interface a serial flash device with PSoC 6 MCU.


          Please note that you will have to implement the HAL layer of the driver according to your MCU specific APIs. The APIs used in our source files are PSoC 6 APIs.


          Please let us know if you have any further queries.


          Best Regards,


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            Hello Mike,

            Our LLD have S70FL01GS support. Please check the slld_fls_S70fl01GS.h file or the code under device_specific\fls_S70fl01GS\ directory.

            To using our LLD, user need to implement FLASH_WRITE/FLASH_READ function on their system. There is an example Hals\Generic\slld_hal_example.c for user reference. But it’s just an example, These twos function should be based on user’s system and controller.

            Usually, User need to add LLD code in their system. In some version, need to define macro for device. In this case, should define FL_S_S70FL01GS.

            Then modify BASE_ADDR_MASK and BASE_ADDR_SHIFT_BIT according the density, Write their FLASH_WRITE and FLASH_READ function.


            Hope this helps

            Thank you and have a nice day