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    CYBT-413034-02 programming through "WICED_MOD_Programmer" app


      1. I am using CYBT-413034-EVAL.

      2. I have tried programming CYBT-413034-02 present on CYBT-413034-EVAL. I powered up the board using external dc power supply of 3.3 V (by connecting to VDD and GND pins present on J3 connector). I did not connect the USB port of the eval board to the PC. I pushed all the switches of SW4 and SW5 to OFF position.

      3. I connected TTL level signals of HCI UART (namely UART_RXD, UART_TXD, UART_CTS, UART_RTS present on header J1) to another board with RS232 transceiver present on it. The RS232 level signals were connected to the PC DB9 connector.

      4. Please remember that I selected the following setting in WICED Module Programmer GUI 

      CYBT-413034-02 for Module Name

      UART Adapter Board for Programming Board

      Baud rate as 115200 under DUT Serial Port Setting

      CTS flow control is ticked under DUT Serial Port Setting


      4. The log in 1.jpg shows this.

      5. The log in 2.jpg shows after resetting and recovering the board.


      Please help.