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    [WICED-based EZ-BT Module] Certification of EN 62368-1




      "WICED-based EZ-BT Module" has obtained safety standards as follows.

      - CYBT-213043-02 : EN 62368-1

         RF Regulatory Certifications for CYBT-243053-02 EZ-BT™ Module - KBA228230

      - Other CYBT module : EN 60950-1

         RF Regulatory Certifications for CYBT-343026-01, CYBT-343029-01, CYBT-143038-01 and CYBT-343151-02 EZ-BT™ Modules - KBA220396


      "EN 60950-1" will expire on December 20, 2020, so it is necessary to re-acquire "EN 62368-1".



      Q1. Does the module which acquired "EN 60950-1" re-acquire with "EN 62368-1"?

      Q2. If Q1 is Yes, I use CYBT-343026-01, so I want to know when this module gets "EN 62368-1".


      Best regards,

      Kenji Takahashi