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    CYBT343026 View Traces Using the BTSpy




      I am following the "CYW920706WCDEVAL Kit Guide" to view the traces on the windows with Bluetooth application Hello Sensor

      I had followed "4.4.2 View Traces Using a Terminal Emulation Program" with no problem.


      However, When I tried to view the traces using the BTSpy (4.4.3 View Traces Using the BTSpy Windows Application), I could not see trace messages. The Client Control and BTSpy displayed these and no more:


      16:45:43.762 Opened \\.\COM46 at speed: 3000000 flow on

      16:45:45.753 Startup

      16:45:45.753 Set discoverable:1, connectable:1

      16:45:45.753 Set Pairable:1


      The Bluetooth application is built and downloaded and works well.