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    Any changelog for 3.3.x?


      Now WICED SDK 3.3.1 is released but the CHANGELOG.txt does not mention the

      changes/improvements for 3.3.x.

      Can you update the change log?

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          I believe GregG_16 posted many of the detailed here as part of the document upload: WICED-SDK-3.3.1


          Known Limitations & Notes



          * Features not yet supported in WICED-SDK-3.3.1

             - IAR Embedded Workspace native support


          * Platform Restrictions:


          - Wi-Fi Direct not support

          - SPI bus not supported

          - Enterprise security and AMQP not tested

          - Apple Homekit and WAC not supported

          - Apps appliance, temp_control, mfg_test, AMPQ not working


          - Wi-Fi Direct not supported

          - WPS may timeout with some access points

          - Enterprise security not tested

          - Apple Homekit and WAC not supported

          - Apps appliance, temp_control, mfg_test, AMPQ not working


                   - Enterprise security, AMQP and mfg_test not tested

          - Apps appliance and temp_control not working


                   - Enterprise security and AMQP not tested

          - Apps appliance, temp_control, AMPQ not working

          - wl --serial x fqacurcy y is not supported


          - Enterprise security and AMQP not tested

          - Apps appliance, temp_control not supported

          - wl --serial x iscanresults is not supported

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            It shows known limitations but it is not a changelog.

            People want to know what new features are included in new release.

            And most importantly, what bugs/issues are fixed in new release.

            So we can determinate if we should move our development to 3.3.1.

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              Broadcom WICED Software Development Kit - CHANGELOG

              Changes for WICED-SDK 3.3.0
              * Add support for BCM43909

              Changes for WICED-SDK 3.1.2 : 01 December 2014
              * Applications
                * Improved BT audio demo application
                * Greatly expanded Wi-Fi Direct support in test.console (referenced as P2P)
                * Added websocket_client snippet application
                * Added new NFC snippet apps:
                  * snip.nfc.config_token_client
                  * snip.nfc.config_token_server
                  * snip.nfc.tag_reader
                  * snip.nfc.tag_writer
              * Libraries, Protocols, Drivers
                * Apple HomeKit
                  * Compatible with HAT version 1.0 (66)
                  * Added API to add/remove accessories/services/characteristics on the fly
                  * Added Garage door opener service, fan service, thermostat service
                  * Redesigned API for building accessory database
                  * Added developer header file that exposes internal API required for development or testing by use
                    ( will get populated with subsequent releases )
                  * HomeKit will now close socket connection if it encounters unencrypted data during encrypted session
                  * Added Auth data and remote fields
                  * Added update list in callback wiced_homekit_actions_on_remote_value_update, to indicate which characteristic was changed
                  * Added Characteristic and Accessory ID parameter to identify callback
                  * Reduced size of characteristic structure
                  * LIMITATIONS: Apple HomeKit now supports ThreadX-NetX_Duo *ONLY*. Support for other RTOS/Network Stack
                                 combinations will be added in subsequent releases
                * Updated all library makefiles to start their NAME with "Lib_"
                * Added new linked_list utility
                * Added NFC driver ( currently only supported in BCM943341WCD1)
                * HTTP server improvements
                * Websocket protocol improvements
              * Platforms & WICED Wi-Fi Driver (WWD)
                * Added MFi support to BCM943341WCD1
                * Improved 43341 firmware image
                * Improved 43362 firmware image (
                * Improved support for UART4 for the BCM94390WCD2
                * Improved I2C driver for STM32F2xx and STM32F4xx
                * Split wiced_join_ap() into two functions to allow joining AP which is not in the DCT
                * Fixed internal scan_result_handler() to avoid corruption when in the presence of more than 100 APs
                * Added const to stdio_config variable
                * Fixed SAM4S DCT
              * WICED API
                * NetX and NetX_Duo now send ARP probe after obtaining IP address via DHCP
                * New wwd_wifi_get_noise() API
                * Updated cryptographic functions to use const function arguments where applicable
                * Extensive Wi-Fi Direct update in BESL
                * Added support for third P2P interface (Wi-Fi Direct)
                * Changed wiced_ip_handle[] to use pointers to reduce memory usage for unused interfaces.
                * Added wiced_rtos_delay_microseconds() API
              * WICED Toolchain
                * Stopped GCC from assuming C89 for non-pedantic files
                * Fixed map file parser
                * New OSX toolchain
                * Changed default optimization setting from -O3 to -Os
              * WICED Application Framework (WAF)
                * Added support for SAM4S OTA

              Changes for WICED-SDK 3.1.1 : 13 October 2014
              * Applications
                * Added applications available in WICED-SDK-2.4.1 including:
                  * ap_clients_rssi
                  * crypto
                  * dct_read_wriet
                  * packet_filter
                  * security_types
                  * stack_overflow
                  * tcp_client_powersave
                  * thread_monitor
                  * wps_enrollee
                  * wps_registrar
                * Added new example applications:
                  * spi_slave
              * Libraries & Protocols
                * Apple HomeKit
                  * Compatible with HAT version 1.0 (50)
                  * Updated HomeKit Accessory API ( currently only supporting Lightbulb accessory )
                  * Enabled support up to 16 controllers
                  * Added options for users to select Bonjour or Gedday
                  * Enabled -debug build
                  * LIMITATIONS: Apple HomeKit now supports ThreadX-NetX_Duo *ONLY*. Support for other RTOS/Network Stack
                                 combinations will be added in subsequent releases
                * Apple AirPlay
                  * Improved streaming reliability
                  * Updated AirPlay demo application
                    * Expanded application to cover all AirPlay API
                    * Added support Over-the-Air (OTA) upgrade
                    * Audio playback progress is now updated on the terminal every second
                    * Added new console commands
                * Broadcom Embedded Supplicant Library (BESL)
                  * BESL debug library now output additional debug prints
                * Platforms & WICED Wi-Fi Driver (WWD)
                  * BCM4390
                    * BCM4390 now handles TCP re-transmission properly
                    * Watchdog is now supported
                    * Significantly reduced inter-beacon sleep current to 140uA (Apps + WLAN)
                    * Updated WLAN firmware to version
                      * Low power improvements
                      * Suppressed WLAN debug output on UART4
                      * Fixed channel 4 sensitivity issues
                  * BCM43362
                    * Updated NVRAM images
                    * Updated WLAN firmware version to
                      * Added support for ETSI EN 300 328 version 1.8.1
                      * Improved support for Wi-Fi Direct
                  * WICED SoftAP
                    * Set multicast transmission rate to 11 Mbps
                    * Set block ack window size to 2
                  * Added new WWD API
                    * wwd_wifi_get_rate()
                    * wwd_wifi_set_mcs_rate()
                    * wwd_wifi_set_legacy_rate()
                    * wwd_wifi_disable_11n_support()
              * WICED API
                * wiced_hostname_lookup() for LwIP now checks if host name is a string representation of IPv4 address
              * WICED Application Framework (WAF)
                * Added OTA upgrade with multi-application support (BETA). See <WICED-SDK>/apps/snip/ota_fr/ota_fr.c for details
                  * LIMITATIONS: OTA upgrade is supported for STM32F2xx, STM32F4xx and BCM94390 platforms *ONLY*

              Changes for WICED-SDK 3.1.0 : 03 September 2014
              * Added support for Apple HomeKit Beta 3 (compatible with HAT version 1.0 (42) )
              * Updated 4390A1 WLAN firmware to revision
                  * This version is ready to pass regulatory testing properly
              * Consolidated duplicate parts of crypto functions to increase speed and reduce size
              * Added new toolchain (GCC 4.9.0) that supports hardware floating point on the Cortex-M4
              * Added new crypto suites: ChaCha, Curve25519, Ed25519, Poly1305, SHA512
              * Modified API to fix 32 character SSID bug. Functions affected:
                  * wwd_wifi_ap_init
                  * wiced_start_ap
                  * wwd_wifi_join
              * Updated NVRAM files for 43362 platforms
              * Modified FreeRTOS thread creation to yield to higher priority threads
              * Fixed NoOS semaphore API to be atomic
              * Added beta support for TLS 1.2
              * Updated wiced_ssid_t structure to follow WICED naming conventions
              * New 43362 WLAN firmware that adds support for reading arbitrary length of random values
              * Fix SDIO bus credit update when host_buffer_get() fails
              * Added wiced_tcp_unregister_callbacks() and wiced_udp_unregister_callbacks() for NetX_Duo
              * Added wiced_tcp_unregister_callbacks() for LwIP
              * Reduced LwIP ARP queue to 5
              * Added status variable to wiced_scan_result_callback_t to indicate the reason a scan completed
              * LwIP network_tcp_send_packet() now calls netconn_write() with NETCONN_DONTBLOCK
              * Modified API to accept a wiced_interface_t . Functions affected:
                  * wwd_wifi_join_specific()
                  * wwd_wifi_leave()
                  * wwd_wifi_get_mac_address()
                  * wwd_wifi_scan() to accept interface
              * Added NX_ARP_DISABLE_AUTO_ARP_ENTRY for both NetX and NetX_Duo to conserve ARP cache entries
              * Added websocket library
              * Modified AP interface to transmit multicast packets at 11Mbps instead of 1Mbps
              * Added API to set AMPDU parameters: wwd_wifi_set_ampdu_parameters()
              * Set the AMPDU parameters in wwd_management_wifi_on(). Reduced available and advertised sizes
              * Fixed DHCP issue for NetX_Duo with some APs
              * Increased ARP cache size from 3 to 6
              * Added optional SDIO bus API for platforms that mask the SDIO iterrupt: host_platform_unmask_sdio_interrupt()
              * Added capability to NetX and NetX_Duo to limit the TX and RX queues for TCP sockets   
              * Upgraded HTTP_server library to allow for multiple concurrent, persistent connections
              * Added wiced_tcp_server_xxxxx() API to simplify creation of a multi-socket TCP server

              Changes for WICED-SDK 3.0.1 : 15 April 2014
              * Replaced WLAN firmware with version
                * SoftAP now responds to authentication request from a re-joining client
                * NOTE: 4-second Wi-Fi sleep time is not supported
              * SoftAP on WWD SPI interface now allows clients to join properly
              * BCM4390 now supports GPIO interrupts, I2C peripheral, and UART4
              * BCM4390 pin PA00 and PA01 now work as GPIO pins
              * TLS now allows user to validate the peer CN
              * FreeRTOS now supports forcing thread awake
              * FreeRTOS bug fix that prevents a deadlock when using malloc() or free()
              * FreeRTOS wiced_rtos_create_thread() now correctly deals with priorities higher than the maximum
              * NetX-Duo wiced_tcp_listen() now works for both STA and SoftAP sockets
              * NoNS wwd_thread_poll_all() now only sends and receives once to prevent overwriting previously read packets
              * wiced_assert() is now wrapped in do {} while(0)
              * wiced_deinit() now prevents multiple de-initialization
              * canned_send snippet application now uses less memory
              * Documentation update for wiced_rtos_thread_join() and malloc_error()
              * OSX version of OpenOCD now works properly

              Changes for WICED-SDK-3.0.0 : 7 March 2014
              WICED-SDK-3.0.0 has changed considerably since the previous 2.4.1 release.
              The accompanying README provides a more detailed summary of the supported
              features and known limitations for this release.

              The following is a brief summary of the major changes:
              * Support for various Broadcom Wi-Fi & combo chips
                * BCM43362 Wi-Fi SoC
                * BCM4390 Integrated Apps + Wi-Fi SoC
                * BCM43341 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo SoC
              * Platforms
                * BCM94390WCD3 platform (BCM4390 Integrated Apps + Wi-Fi SoC)
                * BCM943341WCD1 platform (STM32F417 MCU + BCM43341 WLAN/BT combos)
                * BCM943362WCD4_LPCX1769 platform (LPC1769 MCU + BCM943362WCD4 module)
                * BCM9WCDAUDIO platform
                * Common Platform components have been re-architected
                * All platform specific implementation including pin mapping, configuration,
                  peripheral definitions etc now can be found in <WICED-SDK>/platforms directory
              * RTOS & Network Stack
                * Updated ThreadX to version 5.6
                * Updated NetX to version 5.5 service pack 1
                * Updated NetX-Duo to version 5.7 service pack 1
                * Updated FreeRTOS to version 7.5.2
              * Libraries & Protocols
                * Broadcom Embedded Security Library (BESL)
                  * The user provided root CA certificates can now be used to verify intermediate CA certificates
                    and not just the top root CA certificate
                * WICED SmartBridge
                  * SmartBridge now supports Passkey entry
                  * SmartBridge now supports both BCM20702 and BCM43341
                * Apple AirPlay
                * Apple Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC) protocol
                * Bluetooth Audio
                * WicedFS : Read-only Serial Flash File System
              * WICED API
                * WICED now provides a simplified approach for defining and mapping RTOS-aware
                  interrupt handlers
                * Removed TLS from Config web server - uses WPA2 with passphrase 12345678 
                * Expanded WICED error codes
                * Harmonised directory and file names across the SDK
              * WICED Wi-Fi Driver (WWD)
                * WWD API names now starts with 'wwd' prefix
              * WICED Application Framework (WAF)
                * Bootloader updated to provide support for loading ELF files from an external serial flash file system
                * Resources can now be located in an external serial flash file system
                * WLAN firmware moved into resources to allow it to be located in external serial flash
                * DCT can now be located in external serial flash

              Changes for WICED-SDK-2.4.1 : 3 March 2014
              * ThreadX host_rtos_join_thread() now checks for thread validity before waiting for tx_thread_state to change
              * Fixed definition of END_HTTP_PAGE_DATABASE
              * NetX_Duo wiced_tcp_accept() now ensures that the accept window stays open indefinitely
              * Improved stability of WICED UART API for all ST platforms
              * MCU powersave in bootloader is now disabled by default
              * Updated WLAN firmware to version
              * Wi-Fi Direct now allows changing of Group Owner intent via console application
              * Added support for receiving 802.1Q VLAN-tagged ethernet frames (NetX only)
              * Corrected mapping for IP precedence bits
              * Added 'get_associated_client_list' command to console application
              * Changed softAP multicast transmission rate to 11Mbps
              * Improved AMPDU settings for 43362a2 WLAN chip
              * wiced_init() now prints WLAN firmware version and MAC address
              * Improved MCU powersave timing accuracy of SAM4S platform
              * SAM4S wiced_gpio_input_irq_enable() now sets the edge trigger correctly
              * SmartBridge now returns all unfiltered advertisement reports properly
              * Added wiced_bt_smartbridge_set_transmit_power() API to SmartBridge
              * Added capability to independently initialize the WICED core and WLAN connectivity for power optimizations
              * Fixed TLS certificate verification in BESL
              * Updated buildsystem to allow optimizations for components while doing a debug build
              * LwIP wiced_tcp_connect() now connects successfully without socket re-initialization

              Changes for WICED-SDK-2.4.0 : 27 Nov 2013
              * Libraries & Protocols
                * Added Bluetooth SmartBridge for Wi-Fi <-> Bluetooth bridging
                * BESL (Broadcom Embedded Supplicant Library)
                  * Added support for WPS Registrar
                  * Added support for Wi-Fi Direct
                  * Added support for multiple handshake messages in a single TLS record
                  * Improved management of TLS record fragmentation
                * DHCP server
                  * Now caches IP addresses
                  * Fix to generate the web proxy auto discovery URL from the DHCP server's IP address
                * DHCP client
                  * LwIP updated to correctly cleanup if DHCP resolution fails
                  * NetX dhcp_client_deinit() fix
                * HTTP client
                  * SIMPLE_GET_REQUEST now includes a host header field
                * Bluetooth RFCOMM
                  * Fixed execution of callback in incorrect thread
                  * Long incoming datastream is now received in one packet
                * iAP : Fix to enable WEP
                * ThreadX : Stopped enabling the systick in _tx_initialize_low_level as it can lead
                  to a race condition if initialisation takes too long. The systick is turned on by
                  ThreadX later in initialisation
                * Xively
                  * Updated to the current Xively API
                  * Now supports HTTPS
              * Platforms
                * SPI : Implemented wiced_spi_deinit() for all platforms
                * Improved MCU powersave mechanism for STM32F2xx platforms
                * Replaced Atmel SAM4S drivers (BCM943362WCD8 platform) with ASF (Atmel Software Framework)
                  * Added support for SAM4S powersave (WAIT MODE)
                * Harmonized NVRAM parameters across all BCM43362 platforms
              * WICED API
                * wiced_time API expanded to provide millisecond time resolution
                * wiced_packet_get_data() now resets output parameters when packet data length equals zero
                * wiced_tls_receive_packet() now releases empty packets after processing
                * wiced_get_packet_filter_list() now allocates sufficient buffer length
                * The config mode AP now uses WPA2 security with password 12345678. TLS has been removed.
                * The wiced_scan_result_t structure now includes a flag to indicate reception of an off-channel scan result
                  (rather than returning the RSSI of the result as +200dBm)
                * Added a new library function to print scan results
                * Scan API now correctly reports max data rate for APs 
                * wiced_join_ap() now saves the PMK when it calls wiced_join_specific()
                * Fix to correct occasional failure to join an AP after a link up event
                * Fix to avoid memory corruption if host_buffer_get() fails
                * Fix to wiced_udp_send() to correctly clean up the socket if packet send fails
                * Fix to stop wiced_wifi_leave() reporting TIMEOUT after Wi-Fi powersave is disabled  
                * Added an option to disable transmission of AMPDUs for 11n rates
                * Added an option to make the softAP SSID hidden
              * Added the following new applications
                * demo
                  * bt_smartbridge
                * snip
                  * ap_clients_rssi
                  * bt_rfcomm
                  * p2p
                  * security_types
                  * service_discovery
                  * sntp_get_time
                  * stdio
                  * tcp_client_powersave
                  * tcp_server
                  * tcp_server_async
                  * wps_enrollee
                  * wps_registrar
                * test
                  * bt_smartbridge_console
                  * bt_smartbridge_mfg_test
                  * console (Iperf is now included in the generic console application)
              * WICED Wi-Fi Driver
                * SDIO bus reliability improvements
              * BCM43362 Firmware updated to
                * Concurrent softAP-STA improvements
                * Provides support for P2P (Wi-Fi Direct)
                * Throughput & stability improvements
              * Build system
                * Added Factory Programming capability (see WICED-AN800-R Factory Programming Application Note)
                * Fixed Makefile dependencies for generated .c_opts, .cpp_opts, and .ar_opts files
                * Native IAR support
                  * Limitations: OTA upgrade works for STM32F2xx platform only (support for other platforms TBD)

              Changes for WICED-SDK-2.3.1 : 28 May 2013
              * Known Issues that have been fixed :
                * WLAN sleep clock input is now explicitly selected by a directive in the <WICED-SDK>/include/platform<PLATFORM_NAME>/platform.h
                * The PLATFORM_APP_START_SECTOR definitions for all STM32 platforms have been corrected
                * Fix to cleanup the WPS thread when a semaphore argument is provided to besl_wps_enrollee()
                * WICED Wi-Fi clients can now join an AP using WPA2 with EAPOL v1.0
                * FreeRTOS now forces threads awake that are waiting in a TCP accept when using the wiced_rtos_thread_force_awake() API
                * Fixed: Uninitalised nx_ip_driver_packet variable causes wiced_netx_driver_entry() function to attempt to release an invalid packet pointer when the link is down
                * Fixed marginal hold-time on STM32-WLAN SPI interface
                * Removed WPRINT_LIB_INFO in bt_smart_gatt.c that was causing a Hard Fault due to insufficient stack space
                * Default Japan country code now provides support for 802.11n
                * PWM API now outputs the correct frequency (was 2 x frequency)
                * #define LWIP_NUM_PACKET_BUFFERS_IN_POOL is now picked up during the build process (when using LwIP)
                * Changed DEFAULT_NUMBER_OF_SYSTEM_MONITORS to MAXIMUM_NUMBER_OF_SYSTEM_MONITORS and enabled override outside system_monitor.c
                * TLS now correctly returns decrypted data when there is a partial record in the same packet
                * TLS library: Added support for generalised time and for certificates which do not have a version tag
                * SAM4S : STDIO UART pin config moved from sam4s_uart.c (MCU-specific) to platform.c (platform-specific)
                * Re-architected STM32F1xx-WLAN SDIO driver to address SDIO DMA overrun issue
                * Wi-Fi scan now notifies application via a semaphore when an error occurs
                * DHCP client now performs DHCP discovery after the device is re-associated with the wireless network
                * wiced_network_suspend() now does not stop DHCP client when the IP address has not been assigned
                * STM32F1xx platform makefile now correctly overrides LwIP buffer pool sizes

              Changes for WICED-SDK-2.3.0 : 29 April 2013
              * RTOS & Network Stacks
                * ThreadX (source code changes are available for ThreadX licensees)
                  * Changes to improve MCU power save functionality
                * NetX/NetX Duo (source code changes are available for NetX/NetX Duo licensees)
                  * Added support for suspension/resumption of network stack timers to improve MCU power save functionality
                * LwIP
                  * Added support for network stack timer suspension/resumption to improve MCU power save functionality
                  * Separated packet buffers into individual transmit and receive packet pools to improve throughput and stability
              * Platforms
                * Added Atmel SAM4S Support (Platform:BCM943362WCD8)
                * Added WICED+ Platform Support (Platform:BCM9WCDPLUS114)
                * Added I2C driver (STM32F2xx platform, others TBD)
                * Added Real-Time Clock (RTC) support (STM32F2xx platform, others TBD)
                * Replaced Platform:BCM943362WCD5 (STM32F405) with Platform:BCM943362WCD6 (STM32F415)
                * Adjusted interrupt priorities for STM32 platforms
                * Fixed DCT write function for STM32F1xx platform
                * Fixed MCU powersave time loss issue for STM32F2xx platform
                * Added a new platform initialization function, init_memory(), to permit platform specific memory
                  initialization before globals are set, BSS section is cleared and C++ constructors are called.
                * Moved all schematics and board reference material to the DOC/Schematics directory   
              * Libraries & Protocols
                * Added Bluetooth SmartBridge API
                * Added support for Apple MFi iAP (separate iAP library must be obtained from Apple)
                * Added beta support for Broadcom Wi-Fi Easy Setup - Cooee(TM)
                * HTTP server improvements
                * HTTP client improvements; added query argument to wiced_http_get() and wiced_https_get()
                * Gedday (Broadcom low-footprint mDNS library) improvements; enabled TXT records, fixes for potential memory leaks
                * Improved BESL security supplicant library. BESL now includes both TLS and WPS and is RTOS and Network stack independent
                  * SMTP library updated to use BESL improvements
                  * aes_context structure renamed to aes_context_t and moved to <WICED-SDK>/Wiced/Security/besl/crypto/crypto_structures.h 
              * Applications
                * ota_upgrade example app improvements: web server, browser compatibility, flash writing
                * Added the following applications
                  * demo/bt_smartbridge (Bluetooth SmartBridge demo application)
                  * snip/packet filter
                  * snip/network keep alive
                  * snip/stack_overflow
                  * snip/ping powersave
                  * snip/easy setup
                  * wwd/* (raw WICED Wi-Fi Driver example applications)
                * Modified the following applications
                  * Renamed snip/ping to snip/ping_webserver
                * Updated tx_start manufacturing test scripts in <WICED-SDK>/Apps/mfg_test/scripts   
              * WICED API
                * Improved wiced_rtos_set_semaphore() API (FreeRTOS only)
                * Improved wiced_wifi_set_listen_interval() API
                * Renamed wiced_wifi_powersave_enable() to wiced_wifi_powersave_enable_with_throughput()
                * Changed wiced_wifi_powersave_enable() to use legacy 802.11 Powersave Poll
                * Updated link status API to use callback registration
                  * wiced_link_state_subscribe() changed to wiced_network_register_link_callback()
                  * wiced_link_state_unsubscribe() changed to wiced_network_deregister_link_callback()
                * Added wiced_enable_powersave() & wiced_disable_powersave() convenience API
                * Added wiced_tls_deinit_context(), wiced_tls_reset_context()
                * Added wiced_wifi_get_associated_client_list()
                * Added wiced_wifi_get_ap_info()
                * Added network packet filter API functions
                * Added network keep alive API functions
                * Added write_ap_list_dct() to bootloader API
                * Added support for asynchronous TCP and UDP (NetX_Duo only)
                  * Accessed via new APIs: wiced_tcp_register_callbacks(), wiced_udp_register_callbacks()
                * Additions to wiced_defaults.h : WICED_DEFAULT_TCP_LISTEN_QUEUE_SIZE, WICED_ENABLE_MCU_RTC
                * Fixed intermittent failure when bringing up softAP
                * Resolved WPA, WPA2, WPA2/WPA scan and join issues with different combinations of AES and TKIP ciphers
                * Extensive additions to API documentation
              * WICED Wi-Fi Driver
                * SDIO & SPI bus stability improvements
                * STM32F2xx SDIO & SPI bus interface is now interrupt driven (no longer polls)
                * Added the following WWD API functions
                  * wiced_wifi_set_channel()
                  * wiced_wifi_enable_monitor_mode()
                  * wiced_wifi_disable_monitor_mode()
                  * API to manage temperature dutycycle
                * 43362 firmware updated to
                  * production : Added Passphrase-to-PMK IOCTL to speed up association time  
                  * mfg test   : Added reset counters
                * Improved wiced_wifi_is_ready_to_transceive() event handling
              * Build system
                * Turned on gcc-compiler pedantic checking
                * Changes to support multiple toolchains (prep for native IAR support)
                * Updates to OpenOCD to correctly drive SRST
                * Improved C++ support
                * Improved IAR support
                * Cleaned up resource processing
              * Documentation
                * Updates to all documentation to include the WICED logo
                * Updated WICED Powersave App Note to reflect power save changes
                * Added Application Note : WICED Wi-Fi Easy Setup - Overview
                * Added Application Note : WICED Wi-Fi Easy Setup - Cooee

              Changes for WICED-SDK-2.2.1 : 11 February 2012
              * Fixes to Gedday to improve stability and reduce memory usage
              * Fixed http client mode infinite loop
              * Fixed a TLS memset issue and added support for v1 TLS certs and generalised time format
              * Fixed Wi-Fi scanning to report off-channel APs and 40MHz APs
              * Fixed a platform issue that failed to correctly set the SPI clock frequency
              * Fixed long join delay timeout if an invalid SSID or Passphrase is provided
              * Enabled storage for WEP keys in the DCT along with WPA/WPA2
              * Stability improvements to the Wi-Fi bus driver
              * General powersave performance improvements including :
                * Added wiced_network_suspend() / wiced_network_resume() APIs
                * Refactored listen interval APIs
              * Provided a way to pass an external global define into the WICED build system
              * Re-instated $(TOOLS_ROOT) into the build system
              * Renamed Bluetooth firmware image folder for compatibility with Windows XP  
              * WICED API reference documentation updates
              * Updated Powersave Application Note

              Changes for WICED-SDK-2.2.0 : 14 December 2012
              * Added the following documents into the WICED-SDK/Doc directory
                * WICED SDK Quickstart Guide (WICED-QSG201-R)
                * WICED Evaluation Board user Guide (WICED-EUM200-R)
                * Manufacturing Test User Guide (WICED-MFG200-R)
                * Powersave Application Note (WICED-AN101-R)
                * WICED Application Framework Overview
                * Wiced SDK Software Stack Diagram
              * Added support for FreeRTOS and LwIP
              * Added toolchain support to generate and write factory reset flash image
              * Added MCU & Wi-Fi powersave and Wi-Fi poweroff capability
              * Platform additions
                * Added support for STM32F1xx (BCM943362WCD2 platform)
                * Added support for STM32F4xx (BCM943362WCD5 platform)
                * Added support for Freescale Kinetis K60 (TWRK60D100M platform; peripheral API TBD)
                * Added BCMUSI11_BT1 platform to support Bluetooth expansion board
              * Added system monitor thread to manage system integrity and lockups
              * DCT additions/changes
                * Added DCT API functions
                * Added TLS public certificate and private key into DCT
                * Added option to store 802.11 MAC address in the DCT  
              * Added generic crypto API (in wiced_security.h) to expose crypto functions for general use
              * Added asynchronous callback API for link up/down notification
              * Example Apps are now segregated into categories in separate directories
              * Added multiple snippet applications in the WICED-SDK/Apps/snip directory
              * Added DCT backup to factory reset image in serial flash
              * Added http client streaming API
              * Added wiced_ip_address_t structure
              * Added threadsafe malloc to FreeRTOS
              * Added wiced_wifi_get_channel() API
              * Added WICED_COUNTRY_WORLD_WIDE_XX country code
              * Added SNTP API to auto sync time: sntp_start_auto_time_sync() & sntp_stop_auto_time_sync()
              * Refactored and consolidated the platform API to simplify usage of peripherals
              * Improved performance of Wi-Fi roaming
              * Improved DNS client operation
              * Improved DHCP server operation & changed IP address range to 192.168.0.x
              * Fixed WPS authentication failure
              * Fixed packet leak in NetX/NetXDuo network link driver
              * Moved Gedday into daemon directory
              * Fixed max passphrase length to be 64 characters
              * Fixed invalid TIMER_TASK_PRIORITY
              * TLS optimisation to halve the hash calculation time

              Changes for WICED-SDK-2.1.0 : 5 October 2012
              * Added support for BCM43362 SPI interface
              * Added support for NetX TCP/IP network stack (in addition to NetXDuo)
              * Removed Apple Bonjour implementation, Bonjour is now available directly from Apple
              * Added Gedday : Broadcom Zeroconf Network Discovery Library
              * Fixes for all WICED-SDK-2.0 KNOWN ISSUES

              Changes for WICED-SDK-2.0 : 7 September 2012
              WICED-SDK-2.0 has changed considerably since the previous 1.2 release.
              The changeset is too large to capture in detail. The accompanying
              README provides a summary of the changes.

              Changes for WICED-SDK-1.3 : 14 September 2012
              Known Issues
                * Fixed memory leak due to invalid WEP key
                * Fixed USART overrun which may cause the system to lockup
                * read_usart_nonblocking() now returns a char to avoid possible USART data corruption
                * Fixed incorrect handling of 'link down' events
                * Increased WLAN bus timeout during initialisation
                * Updated BCM43362 mfg_test firmware to address possible OTP write issues at manufacturing
              Other changes
              * Added Iperf command into the console application
              * Removed endian swapping for IP addresses in NetX related code
              * Added WEP support to join command in the console application
              * Updated BCM43362 mfg firmware
              * Updated BCM43362 release firmware
              * Changed BCM43362 otpimagesize=76 (which is the correct size)
              * Added SPI driver for BCM43362
              * BCM43362 SDIO bus driver stability improvements
              * Changed ThreadX tick to 1ms
              * Added thread create command to console application
              * Made malloc thread safe for ThreadX/NetX
              * Removed Atmel platforms

              Changes for WICED-SDK-1.2 : 2 March 2012
              * Power saving improvements to accommodate STM32 stop-mode + Wi-Fi powersave
              * WICED EVB driver is now WHQL certified for WinXP & Win7
              * Updates to OpenOCD and a number of other toolchain components
              * Updated FreeRTOS to version 7.1.0
              * Updated ThreadX/NetX to versions 5.5/5.4
              * Changed ThreadX and FreeRTOS start stacks to 600 bytes in all applications to prevent stack overflows in interrupt handlers
              * Added support for C++
              * Added WLC_E_ROAM event to the join event list to enable an app to detect roaming so it can notify the network stack
              * Added API support for IPv6 with NetXDuo
              * Added APSTA mode support for BCM43362
              * Added interface to set beacon listen interval for 43362a2
              * Added IAR support for BCM94319WICED5 platform
              * Added BCM943362WCD2 platform : STM32F103 + BCM43362 Chip-on-Board
              * Added BCM943362WCD3 platform : STM32F205 + BCM43362 Chip-on-Board
              * Added BCM943362WCD4 platform : STM32F205 + BCM43362 USI SiP
              * Removed BCM943362WCD1 platform

              Changes for WICED-SDK-1.1 : 1 November 2011
                * Added WPS Enrollee (beta-release)
                * Added antenna diversity support to the BCM4319 firmware image
                * Added support for Atmel AT91SAM3S16C processor - beta feature.
                * Added support for BCM943362a1 Wi-Fi chip
                * Added BCM94319WICED2 platform (which has diversity options for two antennae)
                * Added BCM94319WICED3 platform (similar to WICED1 except with separated internal/external SPI)
                * Added BCM94319WICED5 platform (demonstrates usage of STM32F2xx - currently SDIO only)
                * Added BCM943362WCD1 platform (demonstrates usage of BCM943362a1 - currently SDIO only)
                * Added Atmel SAM3S_EK platform for the SAM3S16C (currently SDIO only)
                * Added Inventek ISM4319_M3_L44 platform (similar to BCM94319WICED1 but with Ampak 4319 SiP)
                * Added Murata SN8200 platform (similar to BCM943362WCD1) - alpha release
                * Expansion platform (previously known as Canary) has been rolled into the respective base platform
                * Increased code sharing among similar platforms using Platform/common directory
              API Changes & Fixes
                * Added API function wiced_wifi_manage_custom_ie() to allow users to add or delete a custom IE 
                * Added API function wiced_wifi_select_antenna()
                * Fixed scanning code to report correct AP channel number
              Example Applications
                * appliance configuration : new application to demonstrate configuration of a device using AP/client mode, DHCPS, DNS, WPS, webserver (FreeRTOS/LwIP only) 
                * web server application : added UART-buttons web page, added WPS example, improved uploading functionality
                * sensor application : added DNS server, any text may now be entered into the browser URL
                * console application : added join_wps command
                * ping example application : added WEP example code
                * mfg_test application : removed, now available as a separate manufacturing test download
              Tools, Build System, RTOS, IP Stack
                * Added detailed instructions for importing ThreadX-5.4 & NetX-5.3
                * Cleared windows PATH environment variable to minimise the risk of existing installed tools breaking the WICED build process
                * Added UART tx/rx non-blocking read and break
                * OpenOCD updated to fix FreeRTOS thread awareness bug and to support STM32F2XX
                * Cleaned up the definition of SYSTICK and CPU_CLOCK_HZ
                * Re-arranged vector table and exception handler assembler files for BCM94319WICED1
                  to allow better compatibility with ThreadX
                * Modified host_rtos_create_thread() to support generic thread creation. Thread stack,
                  stack size, and thread priority are now function arguments.
                * wiced_rtos.h must now define a number of macros and constants to inform WICED how to
                  prioritize threads and how to allocate thread stacks
                * Updated GNU ARM toolchain based on gcc-4.6.1, binutils-2.21.1a, newlib-1.19.0, gdb-7.3.1, expat-2.0.1, gmp-5.0.2, mpc-0.9, mpfr-3.0.1
                  Allows debugging of release builds, and reduces size of debug builds by fixing --gc-sections option
                * Added IAR compiler support for FreeRTOS-LwIP builds
                * Modified build and debug system to support different host microprocessors with
                  different OpenOCD initialisation processes. Platforms must now define HOST_MICRO variable.

              Changes for WICED-SDK-1.0 : 19 July 2011
              * Host-WLAN DMA data transfers are now monitored using an interrupt
              * Improved error checking of API calls
              * Changed UART to be interrupt driven to reduce likelihood of dropped characters
              * Removed API function wiced_wifi_ap_swap_channel()
              * Added API function wiced_wifi_get_rssi()
              * Added API function wiced_management_wifi_on() / _wifi_off()
              * API documentation improvements
              * Added support for WPA & WPA2 security to AP mode
              * Build system now handles directory names with spaces
              * Added build instructions and patches for OpenOCD
              * Added 'run' make target to reset and run the target platform
              * canned_send application : stability improvements
              * web server application : stability improvements
              * mdns_listen application : now prints instance name as well as the service name
              * console application : added
              * mfg_test application : Fixed memory leak, updated mfg firmware image to
              * Updated BCM4319 firmware to ROMTERM2 v4.219.77.9
              * Updated WICED EVB serial port driver to FTDI 2.08.14
              * OpenOCD fix to stop suspended threads from occasionally vanishing from the debugger  

              Changes for WICED-SDK-0.6 : 17 June 2011
              * Reformatted all Broadcom code to use a uniform coding style
              * Memory usage reduction, including:
                 - Better control of stack and packet buffer sizes
                 - Remove printf() usage from WICED and TCP/IP threads to reduce stack requirement
                 - Remove all printf() usage from the release build of the canned_send app to minimize RAM usage
                 - FreeRTOS and LwIP now use malloc/free functions from libc (newlib)
              * Moved Wi-Fi firmware image from header file to .c file.
              * Standardised usage of stdint.h types and changed bool to wiced_bool_t to avoid clashes
              * Wi-Fi firmware download improvements to minimise download time
              * Added join failure reasons to wiced_wifi_is_ready_to_transceive() API
              * Minimized delay on AP startup
              * Changed RTOS semaphores from binary to counting
              * Reduced Broadcom Wi-Fi device boot delay
              * Added a 'throughput test' to the web_server app
              * Added manufacturing test application (mfg_test)
              * Added mdns listen application to demonstrate usage of multicast (FreeRTOS/LwIP only)
              * Added support for AMPAK EVB and E225413 WICED module
              * Removed support for STM3210E_Eval board
              * A summary of flash and memory usage is now printed as part of the build process
              * Added toolchain support for IAR Embedded Workbench (for ThreadX/NetX)
                 - Many IAR code compatibility changes
                 - Assembly code moved into separate GCC / IAR directories
              * Build system speed and dependency improvements
              * Fixed GDB debugging on Linux

              Changes for WICED-SDK-0.5 : 17 May 2011
              * Added APSTA mode
              * Added 802.11 powersave mode
              * Added WEP security
              * Added API to set Tx RF power output
              * Added sensor report application to demonstrate AP mode, DHCP server and low power
              * Added support for multicast (beta)
              * STM32 sleep enabled during RTOS idle
              * Changes to the way wiced_join() manages event handling
              * Fixed occasional SDIO read timeout 
              * Build system changes for improved error reporting and speed
              * Debugger now supports thread awareness and is considerably faster
              * UART read fixed
              * Fixed issue with WPA TKIP that prevents join
              * Changed Scan and Ping app names to lowercase

              Changes for WICED-SDK-0.4 : 31 March 2011
              * wiced_wifi_join() API function is now non-blocking
              * wiced_wifi_check_joined() API function has been added
              * wiced_management_set_event_handler() API function now accepts an array of events per handler and allows overlapping event handlers
              * wiced_wifi_scan() now uses a callback to communicate when a new scan record is available and added extended scanning options.

              • 4. Re: Any changelog for 3.3.x?

                Do you really read the CHANGELOG.txt?

                To make it clear, below shows the diff of CHANGELOG.txt between 3.1.2 and 3.3.1.

                There is only one line for the change between 3.1.2 and 3.3.0.

                It even not mentions any change between 3.3.0 and 3.3.1.


                --- WICED-SDK-3.1.2/CHANGELOG.txt       2014-12-01 13:23:13.000000000 +0800

                +++ WICED-SDK-3.3.1/CHANGELOG.txt       2015-06-29 18:33:35.000000000 +0800

                @@ -2,6 +2,9 @@

                Broadcom WICED Software Development Kit - CHANGELOG



                +Changes for WICED-SDK 3.3.0

                +* Add support for BCM43909


                Changes for WICED-SDK 3.1.2 : 01 December 2014


                * Applications

                • 5. Re: Any changelog for 3.3.x?

                  Since there is no detail change log for 3.3.1, I just check the issues

                  we are concerned (see below list).


                  TCP connection with STA interface breaks as soon as a device is connected to softAP



                  wiced_rtos_delay_microseconds(...) upon reset issue



                  strstr function in HTTP server



                  HTTP request is split into Header and Body (what code does the splitting?)


                  The problem is the implement of HTTP server in SDK assumes the request

                  is one packet. Thus it does not works if you have header/body splitted request.

                  I think the http server needs fix to properly handle the request from Safari.


                  How to get actually transferred data size in case wiced_uart_receive_bytes() timeout ?



                  I found all above issues are *not* fixed/merged in latest SDK.

                  All above issues have been reported for months.

                  I'm very frustrated with such situation after waiting for a long time for new release.

                  Can someone help?

                  • 6. Re: Any changelog for 3.3.x?

                    Unfortunately, this is the only changelog.txt we have to work with at this time. If the developers provide more details, we will update the forum. 

                    Perhaps one of the AEs can address your specific concerns.