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    Store BLE data


      Hi everyone, which is the smartest way to store CapSense data sent via BLE? I did not find anything in the forum about this issue, thank you

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          1. Can you please elaborate more about your application?

          2. How much is the amount of data you want to store?

          3. Which PSoC are you using?

          4. On which side (peripheral/slave) does the CapSense sensors present?




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            Hi Ganesh,

            Thank you for your replying.

            I'm using the CYBLE-214015-01 module with 12 to 18 external capacitive buttons. The board is the GATT server and GAP peripheral and my computer is the GATT client. My issue is that right now I can receive data using CySmart from both my computer and my phone, but I want to store those data. So, I'm asking if anyone has already tried to do this task ot if anyone has any advice about.

            Thank you

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              There are a number of ways you could store the data received locally on your phone. You can find them here. I would recommend using SharedPreferences which is the easiest way to store data locally. It retains this information even after app close and relaunch since it creates a file on the disk when you save something in it.




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                Hi Dheeraj,


                thank you for your answer. Right now I am trying to find a way to store the data automatically in a file .txt using the computer. Do you have any hint about it? Thank you.


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                  I'm sorry, please clarify if you are you asking about a way to store the .txt in your Android Application or some C# application you have written on your computer?



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                    Hi Dheeraj,


                    I did not write any code yet. My purpose is to store those data in a file (it can be .txt, in excel or whatever) in the computer, to use them in a post-processing step (probably on Python). My concern is what is the best way to receive and store those data. Right now I receive the data through a dongle and I can see them on CySmart in my computer, but I want to store the data of the CapSense characteristic I built with a constant time interval.



                    Salvatore Castelbuono

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                      In CySmart Application, go to Tools > Options. Enable "Use custom log file name prefix" and datestamp field as shown:


                      Whenever you run the application, the log file contains all the information of the data being sent and received along with connection events, errors if any etc. The log file will be found in the path: "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\" and will of the format "cysmart_<yyyy-mm-dd>_<hh-mm-ss>.log".


                      This log file can be used by Python during post processing to correctly identify the value corresponding to the CapSense Characteristic based on the Attribute handle and the Value field. A snipprt of the log file looks like this:

                      [17:55:00:078] : Attribute Handle: 0x0007

                      [17:55:00:080] : 'Command Status' event received

                      [17:55:00:080] : Status: BLE_STATUS_OK

                      [17:55:00:096] : 'Read Characteristic Value Response' event received

                      [17:55:00:096] : Value: [06:00:28:00:00:00:E8:03]

                      [17:55:00:117] : 'Command Complete' event received

                      [17:55:00:117] : Status: BLE_STATUS_OK


                      Hope this helps!