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    PSoC 6 BLE single core bootloader.




      I am making the bootloader of PSoC 6 based the CE22096001.

      The bootloader work well on the CY8C6347BZI-BLD53.


      My customer changed the device to the CY8C6337BZI-BLF13.


      The device is one core(cortex-M4).


      After changing to the device, the CE22096001 was compiled normally.

      But, I don't test the firmware yet because I don't have the CY8C6337BZI-BLF13.


      Does the CE22096001 work on the CY8C6337BZI-BLF13?


      The cortex-M4 start addresses of the CE22096001 are 0x10003000(app0), 0x10008000(app1), 0x10043000(app2).


      How does the cortex-M4 boot without the cortex-M0?


      If the cortex-M0 works at behind, Where is the cortex-M4 start address saved?


      Thanks and best regards.


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          I have not tried that, but I believe it's feasible to adapt the code to single m4 core device.


          It may be not a straightforward work and need take some time to complete this. The user have to merge the code for single core and modify the linker scripts accordingly for memory location of app0/app1/app2.

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