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    wiced_bt_*_disconnect*  with reason parameter?


      Is there any hidden disconnect function that accept and a disconnection reason as parameter?

      all the wiced fuctions wiced_bt_gatt_disconnect , wiced_bt_l2cap_disconnect_req,,wiced_bt_l2cap_le_disconnect_req

      accept only single connection_id parameter,


      but the other BT stack providers have functions like sd_ble_gap_disconnect(conn_handle, hci_status_code ) where and hci_status_code could be specidied


      I have regular random  errors like 8109 / 61 that can see on the terminal program, but they are never reported to the Android client -

      just got the general error 133 after 20 seconds (what is the hardcoded supervision timeout in Android), so I'm trying somehow to "report" and identify/ distinguish those errors on the client side and preferably ASAP (not after 20 sec)