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    bcm4390 gpio interrupt

      Hi. All


      I got bcm4390 gpio pin interrupt issue. I applied the example "client2ap and push2scan " to test gpio interrupt pin in my bcm94390 project.


      but the gpio interrupt pin does not work.


      the both example use the function "gpio_keypad_enable". In debug I checked when the key pressed,  "gpio_keypad_enable" function

      call "gpio_interrut_key_handler", but in the fucntion "gpio_interrut_key_handler" gpio_key_internal_t* key is NULL. And did not work.


      I use GPIO A8 for interrupt . I want to use the function "gpio_keypad_enable".


      Plz can anyone take a look at this. And GPIO PB can be used in bcm94390WCD2?



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          You can modify the gpio.c source to try out reading and writing to GPIO.


          declare this in application_start()

          wiced_bool_t gpio_status;


          to read the status of the pin:-



          to write :-

            wiced_gpio_output_high( WICED_GPIO_8 );


            wiced_gpio_output_low( WICED_GPIO_8 );



          Hope that helps.


          Best Regards,