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    BLE-Mesh Remote Provisioning


      Is it possible to provision a device for a Mesh Network if that device does NOT have a GATT PROXY running?


      If it’s possible to provision a device, (without a Proxy on the target device), through a Mesh Network, does Cypress have any examples of this "Remote Provisioning"?


      If it’s NOT possible to provision a device through a Mesh Network, must every device initially have a GATT Proxy to enable provisioning?


      Aside: I did find the “low_power_led” example on GitHub. After enabling low power mode by adding “#define LOW_POWER_NODE 1”, it appears the only way to provision the device is provision shortly after Power On or press Reset then SW3 which appears to enable a GATT PROXY. I'm inferring there's a GATT Proxy running as I have no other BLE-MESH devices powered-on in the near vicinity and I’m able to see the low power device on my smartphone only after pressing Reset and SW3, I can provision the Low Power Node from my smartphone if I'm quick before it goes to sleep.

      The Low Power Node doesn't show up after provisioning on a Mesh Network without a Friend Node existing first.



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          Yes. Provisioning is possible even proxy feature is disabled. But after provisioning the device, it will not be in connected state (GATT) with the provisioner. To control the node some other node has to be relay the messages to it over mesh.


          Remote provisioning feature of mesh is not implemented yet. The feature will be coming in the future cypress SDK releases.




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            All low power nodes should be able to establish a friendship link to a friend node. And whenever it wakes up from sleep, it will ask the friend node to send the cached messages for the low power node. If low power node couldn't establish a friendship with the firendnode at first time after provisioning, it may go to sleep after some defined time. You will be able to use reset button to wake the device from the sleep (keeping the device in provisioned state itself) and help it to find friend node whenever a friend feature enabled device you set up in it's vicinity.

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