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    Regarding PSoC4S CSX power supply voltage(VDDA and VDDD).


      Hello Cypress.


      I have questions about power supply for PSoC4S CSX component block.

      Please confirm and answer below questions.




      What is PSoC4S CSX component block’s power supply source?

      Where does CSX block get power supply from?

      Is it VDDA? Or VDDD?


      And is the voltage applied directly from power supply source?

      Or is the voltage dropped internally?

      Is there internal LDO for CSX block?




      Will VDDA and VDDD affect CSX SNR?

      Below is my understanding.

      Is below correct?


      VDDA does not affect CSX SNR.

      But VDDD(or VDDIO) affects CSX SNR.

      Because VDDD(or VDDIO) is equal to Vtx.

      And CSX SNR becomes higher also if VDDD(Vtx) becomes higher.




      Best Regards.

      Yutaka Matsubara