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    port FX2 loop solution to FX3


      Dear Support and all Expert,


      I have a design in FX2 which is written in an executable loop with 8051 assembly. I have a plan to replace it with an FX3, I am an EE, so easy to understand hardware. but don't know where to start to port the software to FX3. I have a superspeed explorer kit and downloaded software. I have a quick look at the example program, it seems that is use Rtos. is there any document or suggestion on how to port FX2 software to similar software architecture. I guess to learn and use Rtos will take too long for the project.

      is there an example to drive a step motor or even the USBBulkSourceSinkLED not use rtos?




      David Sun

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          Please refer to the following Application Note:



          This describes in detail about the difference in implementation of an application in FX2LP and FX3. Please read the above document from Page 7 to know about the differences in software. FX3 examples provided along with SDK makes use of RTOS. We do not have an example for USBBulkSourceSinkLED without RTOS. We recommend that you develop the applications by making use of RTOS as it is not difficult and will not take too much of time. Please read from page 9 of the above application note to understand FX3 firmware framework better.


          Also please refer to the FX3 Programmers manual which can be found at

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\doc\firmware

          Please refer to Page 58 of FX3 Programmers manual to understand the firmware code flow. Comparing this with any example project provided with FX3 SDK can help you understand the use of RTOS better.

          Also, Can you please let us know what exactly is the application?


          Best Regards,