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    CYW20819/ timeout_ms value in "wiced_rtos_wait_for_event_flags"


      Hello Cypress IoT team


      We evaluate CYW20819 with ModusToolBox for their next products. Let us confirm about timeout_ms in "wiced_rtos_wait_for_event_flags".


      wiced_result_t wiced_rtos_wait_for_event_flags ( wiced_event_flags_t * event_flags,

      uint32_t flags_to_wait_for,

      uint32_t * flags_set,

      wiced_bool_t clear_set_flags,

      wiced_event_flags_wait_option_t wait_option,

      uint32_t timeout_ms



      [in] timeout_ms milliseconds to block




      According to the above description, the unit of timeout_ms is msec.

      However, under our evaluation, the unit looks like 10 msec actually. Is it expected behavior?


      timeout_ms = 50

      The timeout seems to occur per 500 msec actually. (Not 50msec.)