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    IO Speed



      A few questions regarding the PSOC5LP:

      1. What is the maximum data rate for external communication (UART, I2C, SPI etc.)?

      According to the datasheet, it's 67.01MHz for a UDB,

      in other place it was mentioned that (for instance) I2C Max. rate is 1MHz.

      2. What is the difference between the I2C block, and the I2C that can be configured with the UDB?

      The component to use in the PSOC creator is the same?

      3. What is the longevity of the 58 series? (or other PSOC5LP)?

      I'm considering using the device in my design, but couldn't find any information about how long this device will be supported (EOL)?





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          Max datarate for FF is 1Mb/s and UDB implementation up to 8Mb/s.

          The configuration differs a little bit. In a PSoC5 you'll find up to 24 UDBs that can be used for a lot of communication interfaces, while the FFs are more restricted.

          I generally use the FFs first, so when I run out of those I can use UDBs.

          There has been no rumor yet to abandon the PSoC5 line. The now upcoming PSoC6 could be a replacement but has more facilities and is of course more expensive.