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    PSOC 4100 BLE device address


      For the public mac address used for bluetooth we have used the "silicon generated" numbers generated from the Wafer ID and X-Y die

      as explained in Setting Bluetooth Device Address – KBA211407


      is the numbers in this situation unique?


      if not could we have situations with several devices with the same address?


      we use PSOC 4100 BLE

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          When the 'silicon generated' box is checked. This will make a unique address for each device which can have a maximum combination of 2^24 device address. This generation of address is automatically taken care inside the BLE Stack.

          Note: The silicon-generated “Company assigned” option does not guarantee a unique device address. For mass production, Cypress strongly recommends that the device address be programmed into the user’s SFLASH location (row 0 of user SFLASH) via the SWD interface. For more information, please refer to page44 in BLE Component datasheet v3.63.



          P Yugandhar.