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    Recommended Sensor for FX3




      We're currently on the exploratory stage of our project -UVC Camera. We are fixed on using CYUSB3013-BZXC and the ff sensor:




      However per checking on the interconnect board, it seems that they are not compatible. The previous version of this board under Aptina was compatible but believe it was changed since the shift to OnSemi brand.


      Do you have any recommendations for other sensor or a workaround so that we can use this sensor?

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          I would like to tell you that even though the interconnect board has changed, there's no specific change in the interconnect board nor the schematics of the connection.

          The GPIF width in CYUSB3013-BZXC is 16-bit and the newer MT9M sensor does support it and can be used with the newer interconnect board and the onSemi board just like the previous one.