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    PSoC042: How to configure P3[0] & P3[1] as always CSD pins


      Hello MoTa_728816


      I am using CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit for connecting 10 Cap sense buttons and 2 Cap sense sliders (each consisting of 6 sensors).


      As I have shortage of pins on PSoC kit, I used P3_1 and P3_0 pins for CSD component in right slider.


      From the datasheet, I came to know that these P3[0] & P3[1] pins are multi purpose pins s below,



      We have used the same pins for I2C for tuning. And after tuning when we want to use the same pins as CSD pins there is some instability. and these 2 pins are not sensing as CapSense inputs. One thing noted is, after reset of pins, it's sensing. So assuming after reset the default selection is GPIO for these pins.


      So, can we know after disabling the tuner/i2c component how can we configure these 2 pins for CSD function always?


      We couldn't find any reference to configure these 2 pins as CSD pins as described in the data sheet. Please help.


      We need piece of code/configuration to configure these P3[0] & P3[1] as CSD pins always.