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    join_specific fails many times before success


      I use scan result to pass to the "wwd_wifi_join_specific" call, but this call fails with reasons like:

      "1024: Failed to find network",

      "1006: Failed to authenticate",

      1023, 1025 etc.

      I have enabled WWD prints to log the status and attached it in this post.

      What could be the reason this join specific call fails so many times before succeeding? Is there a way to reduce this failure rate?

      The errors like failed to find network and failed to authenticate don't seem right since the network is clearly available as it is being passed the result of scan call and the passkey is correct as it eventually succeeds[but takes many many tries].

      This is in contrast to wiced_network_up call that usually succeeds pretty quickly on the same network. But that is usually called on first boot up