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    CYW4343W and mesh capability


      I have the STM32MP157C-DK2 eval kit which has a Murara BEE5KL1DX-883 module.  The Murata module incorporates the CYW4343W.  According to Murara the module can support Bluetooth mesh as the host OS is Linux and it uses BlueZ 5.50.  My problem is that I don't fully believe the answer as I can find no data anywhere on this site or the web that says that the device is capable or that anybody has ever tried!  I am planning on using the module in a custom design as then I will need minimal changes to the hardware and Linux OS (i.e. I will copy their design so that I can avoid low level changes to Linux).  My knowledge of Bluetooth\BLE\mesh is pretty low so I need confidence that as the device is BLE compliant, that Linux\BlueZ can handle everything else and it will be able to talk to other mesh devices  ok?