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    PSoC4S plus wco




      I need a precision oscillator.

      so I will use wco as trim source for IMO.


      what kind of oscillator should I use?

      is this right?

      32.768khz Crystal oscillator?


      do you have reference code for trim IMO?

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          We recommend you to use a 32.768kHz crystal for WCO.

          In order to connect the WCO to the device please follow the recommendations as shown in the image below:

          In order to trim IMO using WCO you can just enable the Trim with WCO option. The steps to do this are as followed:

          • In the workspace explorer go to the design wide resources.
          • Select the clock tabs
          • Click on edit clocks
          • Enable the WCO under low frequency clocks tab of configure system clocks dialogue box, as shown in the image below:

          • Under the high frequency clocks tab, enable trim with WCO option for IMO.

          The IMO will now be trimmed by WCO. This is reflected in the accuracy of IMO.


          Best Regards


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            Hello Ekta


            Thanks for your answer.



            sunghun noh