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    UDP traffic reception stops


      The WICED API stops outputting the UDP packets after a few minutes of receiving UDP packets over the Wi-Fi connection from an Android application. The Android application transmits around 10 Kilo Bytes of data every 50 milliseconds (20 Hz) to the WICED. The UDP packets are received through the WICED API wiced_udp_receive(socket, &packet, WICED_WAIT_FOREVER).

      For the first few minutes of the transmission, the function wiced_udp_receive, outputs the UDP packets but then it stops outputting packets even though the sniffer confirms that the Android APP is transmitting UDP packets to the WICED.


      Also, it was observed that the wiced_udp_receive function recovers and starts outputting UDP packets if the Android stops  and then resume the transmission of UDP packets but again the function wiced_udp_receive stops outputting the UDP packets after a couple of minutes. This indicates that some internal buffers are getting filled up. What parameters should be modified to remedy this problem?