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    CYBT-213043-EVAL WICED HCI Mode and client control




      I currently try to use WICED HCI command,


      As i understand WICED HCI Command allow to use the EVAL Board Bluetooth by executing the HCI Stack on a CPU/MPU connected over HCI Uart to the board.

      Using this protocol we could avoid to develop the embedded software targeting the bluetooth module.


      By flashing the SPP firmware example (BT_SPP) I'm able to connect the WICED Client Control.

      The button from the UI became available to be clicable but any of them work.


      The start "BR/EDR Discovery" button never return.


      Did I misunderstood something ?




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          If you want to use the WICED HCI command, you need to add some function in your application to handle the received command from the UART. The SPP is only a demo for the SPP profile and there isn't function to handle the UART command.

          You may refer to the Code-Examples-BT-SDK-for-ModusToolbox-master\CYW920819EVB-02\apps\demo\watch which shows how to deal with the HCI command in function static uint32_t hci_control_proc_rx_cmd( uint8_t *p_buffer, uint32_t length ) in the watch.c file.