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    Error building Android MeshApp


      When I build the MeshApp ("Android helper application" in BT-SDK Project in Android Studio an error occurs:

      unable to open output file 'D:/Cypress/ModusToolbox_1.1/libraries/bt_sdk-1.1/components/BT-SDK/common/apps/snip/mesh/peerapps/Android/src/MeshApp/meshcore/build/intermediates/ndkBuild/debug/obj/local/armeabi-v7a/objs-debug/native-lib/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/libraries/mesh_client_lib/meshdb.o': 'No such file or directory'

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          Hi Armin Esch,


          While creating  Android studio project, please make sure the source location of mesh application  doesn’t exceed 251 characters.

          You may have to copy BT-SDK folder into C drive (or other drive) and open the MeshApp android project from it.

          This step will help you to overcome the path limitation of in Windows.


          Could you please try the following steps and build the project.

          1. Install the latest BTSDK1.4.
          2. Copy "BT-SDK" folder into your C drive. (BT-SDK folder is located inside ModusToolbox_1.1\libraries\bt_sdk-1.1\components)
          3. Open the MeshApp project from AndroidStudio. (\BT-SDK\common\apps\snip\mesh\peerapps\Android\src\MeshApp)
          4. Clean and Rebuild the project.