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    CapSense v6.0 dsRAM access




      Our customers want to use TunerAPI data transmission and custom data transmission to change the CapSense settings and monitor status.


      The host MCU normally rewrites the CapSense dsRAM via user-created I2C buffer.

      When debugging, start Tuner from the PC and rewrite the CapSense dsRAM.


      As you can see, dsRAM can be accessed in two ways. Are there any cautions to this configuration?

      Please advise on proper procedure.


      We have already communicated the following points to customers.

      a) When switching between Tuner and User Custom I/F, read the entire dsRAM and check for any unintended parameter changes from the previous values.

      b) CapSense_GetParam (uint32 paramId, uint32 * value) and CapSense_SetParam (uint32 paramId, uint32 value) should be used for parameter read/write.

      c) Do not call CapSense_Stop () and execute CapSense_Start () again in order to activate the changed parameters from the user's custom I/F.


      Best Regards,

      Naoaki Morimoto

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          Hi NaMo_1534561,


          CapSense_dsRam structure can be accessed through any of the methods as suggested in the CapSense component datasheet Pg 95.

          There are certain parameters (widget hardware parameters) in CapSense that requires CapSense re -initialization  after being modified. For re-initialization, call CapSense_Start() after modifying the data structure. Do not call CapSense_Stop()

          Refer to the Register Map for more details on read/ write access and if re-init is required or not.