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    ez-USB Suite: Icons are Shrinking


      Thank you for the KBA. I realized that the period needed to be adjusted in order for this to function correctly. It was set to 66ms.


      Now how do I get the ez-USB suite to stop shrinking all of my icons to being practically invisible.






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          Please let me know whether you have changed eclipse setting.


          How frequently it is reproducable?


          Please share the steps to reproduce the issue.




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            I have not changed any settings in the eclipse environment. This issue has been a problem since I started with ez-usb suite. It seems to correct itself sometimes when I restart the application, but the error happens when the .exe gets called. I have looked up some info to change the .ini file for the following:






            I just included that in my ez-usbsuite .ini file, but do not see a change in icon size when I play with the autoscale value. Any ideas?