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    Which display interface used by "CY8C5467LTI" this MCU?


      hello , i am planning to work with the "CY8CP467LTI" chip and as per its datasheet, we found that this chip have built in Display driving capabilities, does that mean this chip have built in display driver? also please help me with the display interface supported by this same chip?


      we have ADC and DAC application in our project, but no-where in datasheet we find the specific PIN defined page. please show me the ADC , DAC and general I/O pins with PIN numbers,



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          The device has "LCD" Display Driver 64 x 16 segments.

          If I understand correctly, LCD display is not a bit-map type display,

          but they have some pre-layoutted pattern or letters,

          for example you can see the most used LCD display (7 segment)

          Seven-segment display - Wikipedia


          In the previous question you were talking about 320 x 240 touch display,

          then probably you need to use SPI or GPIO to control external display.


          About pins, assuming that "CY8C5467LTI" means "CY8C5467LTI-LP003",

          its package is 68-QFN (From Data sheet 12. Ordering Information).

          Then I will refer to Figure 2-3. 68-Pin QFN Part Pinout.

          There you can see pin type(s) of each pins.



          Then I will refer to 3.Pin Descriptions.

          IDAC0 and IDAC2 are for Low resistance output pin for high current DACs (IDAC).

          GPIO. General purpose I/O pin provides interfaces to the CPU,

          digital peripherals, "analog peripherals". ...



          Yes, I agree that it is not very easy nor straight forward.


          Meantime, if you are using PSoC Creator, you can place a component then

          in the Pins page you can see candidate pins




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            The Display Drive capability is basically a LCD pixel drive.

            There are Cypress components that can be added to the TopDesign schematic that are:

            • COLUMNbyROW character (Character LCD)
            • XbyY pixel (Graphic LCD)
            • Custom (Segment LCD).  This allows for the user to use custom LCD displays.

            These drives tend to be mono-chrome (B&W) LCD control.


            If you need color LCD control, there are many LCD display devices that use SPI, I2C or other communication with commands.


            The PSoC also have LED segment and character components if this interests you.  A bit more power hungry but it works.


            The goal of the LCD drive on the PSoC is to provide a low Bill-of-materials cost to the designer.  This is always good for lowering the costs of the end product.


            I've used the segment LCD drive on a few projects quite effectively.  It allowed me to reduce the external wiring and Bill-of-materials.