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    Need Actual Help from Cypress on CYUSB4347-BZXC




      So after 7 months of asking for support we still have no information on how to roll our own firmware for this PD hub controller, everytime we ask for help we get an email asking how many millions of units will we be buying anytime soon.



      Yes this is a JOKE to some sales guys that work at cypress, we need to make a working proto before we even know if customers will accept this solution ...



      possibly someone would be nice enough to let us know how to deal with boards we built based on hundreds of emails between cypress and our tech design team . our design is not standard reference it uses MPQ4230 buck/boost IC so therefore we need to be able to build our own firmware , we have other MPQ 3171 working firmware so we feel comfortable porting it over if we had some help


      Please HELP


      -------------------------- where we are now

      Board is built and working (for the most part)


      Design is currently accepting firmware as described in


      EZ-USB® HX3PD Configuration Utility

      Release Notes

      Version 1.0 Alpha, March 28, 2018


      we have hub identified in device mgr.


      we can pass usb HS data to all ports (mux not working due to polarity report in PD section we assume)



      no PD power due to MPQ power Section instead of reference OnSemi, we also have a total of three PD ports so we used a standard CYPD3171 for our UFP port power



      ------------ what we need


      just some help in building the MPQ firmware for this specific IC CYUSB4347-BZXC