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    [CYW43907] Full-Duplex I2S support ?




      I am currently designing a wireless VOIP-like product based on the 43907 MCU.

      Reviewing the audio libraries/drivers, I found out a worrying comment in the I2S platform driver (platform_i2s.c):


      /* FIXME Revisit when full-duplex is fully implemented! */

        static inline void I2S_LOCK_PORT( platform_i2s_port_t port ) {

            (void)0; /* TODO */



      Does it mean that I should not use the audio API in a multi-threaded application (with one TX thread and one RX thread) ?

      What about a single thread application ?


      As far as I know, there is no mention of such limitation in the documentation.


      For now, I patched the WICED audio module to allow async IO and managing the full duplex transactions in a single thread (without any wiced_audio_wait_buffer() blocking call).

      But is this enough ?



      Thank you for your help.