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    How to enable debug print with WICED SENSE KIT?

      Hi, I got WICED SENSE KIT on this week.

      I make wicked_sense.c, that done with success.

      But, I could not debug print on terminal via usb with WICED SENSE.

      Please show me how  to enable debug print on USB serial terminal.


      I tweak wiced_sense.c as shown bellow.

      Added these lines on the head of wiced_sense.c

      #undef BLE_TRACE_DISABLE

      #define _DEBUG 1

      #define DEBUG 1


      And I tweak source code shown bellow.


      #ifdef BLE_P2


      #if 1

      //Following structure defines UARTconfiguration

      constBLE_PROFILE_PUART_CFG hello_sensor_puart_cfg=







      //added end



      Katsumi Imaizumi