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    CYUSBS236 枚举失败


      按照用户手册,安装CYUSBS236DVKSetup.exe后,CYUSBS236应该被识别为:USB-Serial(Dual Channel) Vendor MFG。

      但是在我的Win10系统里面,CYUSBS236 只能被识别为:USB-Serial Composite Device。而且不能用Cypress USB-Serial Configuration Utility配置。


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          Looks like the manufacturing interface is not enabled in the device.

          Please follow the below instructions to enable the manufacturing interface.

          1) Connect the device to the pc and note down the com port numbers which it is bound to.

          2) open command prompt.

          3) Navigate to USB-Serial SDK installation directory -> bin

          4) execute the command: cyrecovercdcdevice.exe #com number.

          Refer to the attached screenshot 1.


          5) open USB-Serial Configuration Utility. You can find the MFG interface.

          6) connect and enable manufacturing interface and program the device. Refer to the attached screenshot 2.

          7) Reset the board. You will be able to find the device in the configuration utility.






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