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    EZ-USB FX3 CYUSB3KIT-001 Enumeration Failed


      Hi Team,


      Im using EZ-USB FX3 CYUSB3KIT-001 for USB 2.0 Compliance testing.


      Im able to perform all Device Hi Speed Transmitter tests with USB Bootloader mode. During this mode Fx3 enumerates as below (Selected VID 0x4b4)


      To perform Device Receiver Sensitivity tests, I need the device address and endpoint address of the device, so I downloaded one of your firmware examples - cyfxbulklpauto


      This firmware is dowloaded in flash and boot mode is configured as SPI boot.


      After this Im not able to enumerate the FX3 device in EHCI HS Electrical Test tool.


      Also help me in constructing a IN Token packets for any given device.


      Thanks and awaiting your reply.