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    Cypress FX3 loop back throughput measure




      I am referring to AN70983, https://www.cypress.com/file/124291/download .


      As per the Firmware and application, I am able to run the loop back application on my cypress FX3 DVK Kit CYUSB3KIT-003.


      I need to measure the throughput for this loop back data in host application.


      How it can be done ? Any suggestions ?


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          For measuring the throughput of this loop back data, please follow the following steps:

          1. Measure the time difference between start and stop of the application. This can be done by a timer or a stopwatch. 

          2. Find the number of bytes transmitted. This is provided by the byte counters in the application as shown below.

          3. Once you get the number of bytes transmitted in a given time, you can calculate the bandwidth by just dividing the total number of bytes with the time difference.


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