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    CYW20706, SPP pairing failed issue with Samusng Galaxy Tab(SM-P585N0)




      If PIN_CODE is used by btsnd_hcic_write_simple_pairing_mode() API, there is SPP pairing failed issue with Samsung Galaxy Tab(Model : SM-P585N0). Surely, this issue is NOT shown with another phones but only SM-P585N0(Android 8.1). I am not sure if this issue is reproduced with Android 8.1 or the model only.


      For link key exchange, BT Spec. describes as following figure. That is,

      A. Master requests LMP_au_rand to Slave

      B. Slave replys LMP_sres to Master and then Slave requests LMP_au_rand to Master

      C. Master replys LMP_sres to Slave


      However, when 20706 tries to pair to SM-P585N0, the sequence is different from BT Spec. As you can see attached air log, the sequence is shown likes as,

      A. Master(SM-P585N0) requests LMP_au_rand to Slave(20706)

      B. Slave also requests LMP_au_rand to Master

      C. Master replys to Slave with "not_accepted" and reason code is "LMP Error Transaction Collision". As the results, pairing is failed.


      For your information, I attached air log for pairing failure and test environment is as follows,

      - SDK and application : WICED Studio SDK 6.4.0 and spp application

      - Chipset : CYW20706


      As I know, most phones allow key exchange regardless of the sequence but the model doesn't accept it. If so, could you help to resolve this issue?