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    c# BLE 4.2 vs 5.0 API connection issue


      Good day,


      i have a c# application (using the cysmart api) that connects to a CY5677 4.2 BLE Dongle.

      I have a hardware that uses the CYBLE-014008-00 BLE 4.2 device.

      I am able to connect to this BLE device with no issue.



      I have developed another hardware using CYBLE416045-02.(BLE 5.0 support)

      I have tested the BLE functionality using CySmart 1.3



      However, using the same C# application, I am unable to connect to this new hardware.


      Can anyone advice if there is something additional for the BLE 5.0 device that needed to be added to resolve the issue that I am facing?


      Or is the source code for the Cysmart 1.3 application available for one to check?


      Please advice.


      Thank you.