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    Sum and Difference Frequency Generator


      A user needed this so for drill I created this as a starting point for them.


      Basically the requirement was to create, from two frequencies, two signals, a sum frequency

      and a difference frequency.


      The two DDS in the white box and LCD were used to generate test signals and LCD

      for debug. Those can be eliminated in design to free up resources for using other stuff.


      I did this in PSOC 5LP, it may fit in the lower end family, PSOC 4. Would have to try

      that out.


      Design could benefit from a little more coding, eg. eliminate a small dither in frequency

      due to finite arithmetic used in DDS and counters.


      Timebase Gate for counters is set at 100 mS, so resolution is 10 Hz..


      Also if needed output waveforms could easily be Sinusoidal if needed by using the WaveDac

      onchip component.



      Regards, Dana.