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      We bought CY22801KFXC chips from DIgi-key

      But the function is not the same as what we want.

      We want the chip to behave as I2C slave, And from the data sheet we got to now about the multi-functional pins [3,5,7] and

      that pins are should be in the mode of "G" , how to configure the modes .

      Or we have to buy the already configured IC with the mode of 'G' and where we have to buy.

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          Hi Santosh,


          The I2C pins need to be configured on the multipurpose pins for correct functionality. It is not set by default. We will provide you the JEDEC file you will need to program the device with for the functionality. Can you also specify what are the other default configurations you need, like the input frequency, the output frequency, do you need to use the other outputs, do you need to use the spread spectrum etc. We will create this JED file for you and you can burn them in the device for this default behavior.

          Also can you let us know what setup you have to program the CY22801. (Software + Hardware)


          Thanks and Regards,