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    CX3 Vsync PulseNOW function failing


      Hello all I have been working on an issue with our production board and are now changing the LED pulse configuration. Our goal is to run the LED over ~1.8 frames and then turn off. Then on the 2 frame the other LED will turn on. We are using the Vsync pulse as our  interrupt for the LED toggling.


      We are  running at 15 fps and that gives us a Vsync of ~66ms. When I have  the  pulseTime set to anything less than 66 ms it functions correctly and each LED will begin its pulse every 4th frame as  it should. However, as soon as I increase it to say 70, both LEDs stay on and do not toggle. I would have expected this if I had the time to be 66*4 = 264 ms. Any help would be appreciated.


      Our current setup is the following:


         /* Create the thread for the application */

          retThrdCreate = CyU3PThreadCreate(

      &gpioThread, /* GPIO Example App Thread structure */

      "21:GPIO_simple_output", /* Thread ID and Thread name */

      GpioThread_Entry_Simple, /* GPIO Example App Thread Entry function */

      0, /* No input parameter to thread */

      ptr, /* Pointer to the allocated thread stack */

      CY_FX_GPIOAPP_THREAD_STACK, /* Thread stack size */

      CY_FX_GPIOAPP_THREAD_PRIORITY, /* Thread priority */

      CY_FX_GPIOAPP_THREAD_PRIORITY, /* Preemption threshold for the thread. */

      CYU3P_NO_TIME_SLICE, /* No time slice for the application thread */

      CYU3P_DONT_START /* Start the Thread immediately */



      Create the thread

      Enter thread



      uint32_t eventFlag;



      // Wait for a VSYNC High Signal before starting the LED Fire process

      CyU3PReturnStatus_t apiRetStatus = CyU3PEventGet( &glFxGpioAppEvent,


      &eventFlag, CYU3P_WAIT_FOREVER);

      if (apiRetStatus != CY_U3P_SUCCESS)




      if (IR_flag == CyTrue)


      //  We are wanting to make sure that we hold the LED flash over the course of  123 msec so

      //  we need to pulse the IR_led over 2 pulses

      if (frameCounterL != 1){

      PulseIRLED( 123, CX3_IR_LED_RIGHT);




      frameCounterL = 0;

      IR_flag = CyFalse;





      if (frameCounterR != 1){

      PulseIRLED( 123, CX3_IR_LED_LEFT);




      frameCounterR = 0;

      IR_flag = CyTrue;






      // Pulse IRLED

      // ========================================================================================================

      void PulseIRLED( const uint16_t wPulseWidth, const uint8_t IRLED)


      gpioIRComplexConfig.outValue = IR_LED_ENABLE;

      gpioIRComplexConfig.pinMode = CY_U3P_GPIO_MODE_PULSENOW;

      #ifdef TIME_IN_US

      gpioIRComplexConfig.threshold = CY_FX_PWM_PERIOD_MS / 1000 * wPulseWidth;


      gpioIRComplexConfig.threshold = CY_FX_PWM_PERIOD_MS * wPulseWidth;

      #endif // TIME_IN_US

      CyU3PGpioSetComplexConfig( IRLED, &gpioIRComplexConfig);

      CyU3PGpioComplexPulseNow( IRLED, gpioIRComplexConfig.threshold);

      } // PulseIRLED