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    Problem configuring SAR ADC and LCD display in my CY8CKIT-044 PSoC® 4 M-Series Pioneer Kit


      Hello Everyone,


      I have been working on my first embedded project using the CY8CKIT-044 and had problems configuring the LCD and SAR ADC together.

      My project is about temperature measurement using a thermistor and output using an LCD.

      since the kit only has SAR for ADC, the datasheet shows the available ports as P2[0] to P2[6].

      Now for an LCD these are my only available continuous pins as the datasheet also instructs not to span across ports.

      In the image along you will see the pin layout. I require a minimum of 6 pins in a port for LCD which makes port 2 the only candidate


      Does this mean I cannot use the LCD and SAR ADC at the same time using this kit?

      Please help as I am unable to comprehend the datasheets any further or may be completely wrong with my understanding here.