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    Reading some raw CapSense values result in constant values


      I'm using a CY8CKIT-059, with nothing connected to it other than the the USB on the KitProg and a micro USB cable for serial/UART/HID. I'm very new to PSOC in general. I'm simply trying to read the raw values from the CapSense sensors and printing them on the serial terminal.


      I've set up my CapSense CSD like this, with everything else pretty much default, except for tuning to Manual:


      And here's is my main.c

      The problem is I'm getting sensor readings of 500+ constantly on the Generic2 (3rd sensor) & Generic3 (4th sensor), I sometimes got it to work by switching the pin mappings around, but sometimes the values switch from 500 to normal ranges every other data point. (I'm running my finger on the pads to show that Generic0 and Generic1 work normally here.)


      Thank you!