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    Replacement for CY7C1061AV33-10ZXC




      In an old circuit I have used CY7C1061AV33-10ZXC which has now become obsolete against which I want to use CY7C10612G30-10ZSXI.


      the reason for using 10612 is cost consideration.


      My circuit goes like below:-




      Requesting you to kindly reply at earliest in this regards.

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          Hi Mohit,


          The CY7C1061G30 part is the drop in replacement of the CY7C1061AV33. The pin out is same and hence it is the recommended part. Please note that the CY7C10612G30 is not a drop replacement as pin 16 is NC. The former chips are dual chip enable chips while the latter is single chip enable.Since the pin is NC even if you connect it to any voltage level it will not make a difference to any of the operations and hence can be used for the applications as cost is a primary concern. No other difference between the two parts.


          I hope this clarifies your query.