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    Standard HCI Interface in Application Mode for CYW20719



           I have read this:

           CYW20719 in HCI mode https://community.cypress.com/message/162494?tdsourcetag=s_pcqq_aiomsg


           As my known:

           CYW20719/CYW20819 can work in standard HCI mode or Application mode depending on whether a valid application image loaded.

           I have test both modes and it works fine.


           My question is :

                Is there any possible that  I can use standard hci interface in application mode ?

                If yes, the external MCU is unneeded, then we can port our own bluetooth stack (override the build-in stack) to CYW20719 as well.



           Standard HCI + External MCU(host stack)

           Cypress HCI +  Internal MCU (Cypress host stack)

           What we want:

           Standard HCI + Internal MCU(our own host stack running inside Application_Start(){..})